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Some topics I write about include personal finance (i.e., credit cards, banking, budgets, buying a home), pets and small business (i.e., management, cash flow) and history (i.e., American, business).

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Circuitbreaker  28custom 29 article

FPE Circuit Breakers: Decades of Danger

If your home was built before 1990, it may have a faulty Federal Pacific circuit breaker and could be a fire risk. It’s a fact that been known for years, but there has never been a recall....

070123 productplacement hmed 7p.standard article

How to get your product in the movies

If you aren’t a company with an unlimited marketing budget, getting your product seen on TV or in the movies isn’t easy. But on the other hand, if you’re willing to pay your dues — and if you have some pluck and a little luck — your product, too, can...

070919 cropduster hmed 12p.standard article

10 businesses facing extinction in 10 years

Determining which industries aren't long for this world may seem easy enough. But some types of businesses, such as telemarketing, are surprisingly hard to kill. And then again, other industries, probably the ones you're sad to see go, can't find a way to survive....

140225 mt gox building 2p 3ab30aafc659f51c13f871b0af247811.nbcnews fp 1200 800 article

Mt. Gox is Dead: Long Live Bitcoin? - NBC News

Naysayers call Mt. Gox’s failure the beginning of the end for bitcoin, while fans say the exchange was flawed. But both sides agree it’s an inflection point....

150914 2905758 geoff britten at stage 3 article

Watch Geoff Britten at Stage 3 from American Ninja Warrior on

Geoff Britten grits his way through the Stage 3 course....

Gay bashing suspects article

Gay-Bashing Victim Relives Assault

Kathryn Knott, Kevin Harrigan, and Phillip Williams haven’t seen the last of Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center. The three suspects in the Center City beating of a gay couple will face an arraignment......

5 29 15 navy death san bernardino fair freedrop usa article

Vet Dies After Drop From County Fair Attraction

A Navy veteran died several hours after a mishap on a platform dive attraction making its debut at a Southern California fair Thursday night, authorities said....

Possible hate crime center city article

Suspects Charged in Vicious Beating of Gay Couple

Philadelphia's District Attorney's Office announced charges Tuesday afternoon against three Bucks County residents -- including the daughter of an area police chief -- in a Center City beating of two gay men....

Stover baker povendo article

Waco Shootout Linked to N. Texas Attacks

The shootout in Waco that killed nine motorcycle gang members began in the weeks before Christmas with a beating at a Toys for Tots event in Wise County and a murder in Fort Worth....

090521 uvm hmed 12p.standard article

Fewer out-of-state college students

Out-of-state students, who pay a huge tuition premium to attend, are doing something no one ever thought they would: They're staying home....

Show about amreports article

Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC

Get the latest news and video from Andrea Mitchell, and join Andrea Mitchell's community....

050225 gates hmed 3p.standard article

Parody of ‘The Gates’ earns man fame

Boston version cost $3.50, traced steps of cat...

Eric williams trial dec 1 article

Accused DA Killer's Trial Begins

The trial has begun for a former justice of the peace accused of killing a North Texas district attorney, his wife and a top prosecutor in 2013....

Weiner mayor scandal article

Weiner Admits Online Affairs Continued After Resignation

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner stood with his wife Tuesday and admitted that he engaged in explicit online affairs even after he resigned from Congress, after a gossip website posted what it said......